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             Steven Goss has been hunting waterfowl professionally on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for over 20 years. “ I measure your hunting experience to the quality of the hunt and not the amount of downed birds. However, there has not been too many days we haven’t limited out, (weather and the migration play a key role in this), just hunting with a good dog and great friends is what it is all about. Safety is our first priority with Tollers Gun Club. We pride ourselves on being as safe as possible in and out of the blinds, and we encourage novice and youth hunters to participate. Our youth is our legacy and we need them to preserve the sacred art of hunting.”

At Tollers Gun Club we are not only a guiding service but we also offer a consulting arm to help people with their questions about the sport of water fowling. “Whether it is calling instruction, decoy placement and the construction of blinds and pits, we can cover everything.”  Also, there is a newsletter that you can join that provides valuable information about the tricks of water fowling that will help you become a better hunter. (See the Services Tab)

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